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  • FDC NX700

    FUJI DRI-CHEM has earned a remarkable reputation through its continuous efforts to provide timely testing. So far, we have improved its usability and network adaptability. While retaining the main features of its predecessor, the NX700 offers a higher level of ease of use. It can be used intuitively and is therefore usable by everyone. Additionally, its compact desi

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    its compact design allows for installation flexibility. NX700: Borderless and effortless “real-time, full-time testing” in the hands of anyone.

    Technical Specifications:

    • Rate: 190 T/H with STAT positions with continuous loading and unloading (random access)

    • 31 measurable elements.

    • No need for water, air supply and exhaust equipment. DRI-CHEM allows for “full-time, real-time” exams when needed.

    • No calibration necessary, batch compensation by QC card.

    • Simple and easy to use operational screen. Explanatory diagrams facilitate use, troubleshooting and the various maintenance procedures.

    • Easy measurement in 3 steps: Place the Slide, the sample and press the START key. All processes below are fully automated.

    • Patient-friendly tests: Each test requires only 10 μL of sample. (CRP requires 5 μL/test, ISE requires 50 μL/3 tests). Manual pipetting can also be done when the sample is smaller. Less invasive for the newborn.

    • Minimize the risk of biohazard: After measurement, reagents from the slides are automatically discarded into the waste box, minimizing the risk of contamination.

    • Accurate and reliable test results from long-term field-proven technology and experience

    • Less variation of results between operators, high reproducibility of results and daily accuracy, as well as excellent correlation with wet chemistry are its remarkable features.