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    Robotic camera work • The assistance system for MIC interventions • Stable surgical field of view • Safe and sterile working • Precise robotic control • Dynamic manual adjustment • Easy docking Benefits for the surgeon • Stable positioning of the endoscope for a calm image • Simple and intuitive operation with joystick • Precise endoscope positioning with a unique range of motion • Free access to the situs, no troublesome equipment in the trocar area • Easy handling, ready for use in just a few minutes Easy, fast setup and dismantling. • Reusable Advantages for the clinic • SOLOASSIST - Gaining Image for Your Clinic • Increase of the planning ability. The SOLOASSIST is always available as an assistant, even outside of normal office hours. • The SOLOASSIST is compatible with all standard OR tables and endoscopes, protecting your investment. • The SOLOASSIST is completely maintenance-free. The expense for disposable covers is negligible. • The static holding of an endoscope is a burdening activity for the assistant. This task is taken over by SOLOASSIST. The assistant can thus be used for more demanding tasks.

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