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  • Liquid biopsy production

    Liquid biopsy production

    Liquid biopsy is a medical analysis test, created, developed and validated by Pathway Genomics laboratories. It is a non-invasive blood test (2Tubes x10 ml of whole blood), which allows to detect with very high sensivity plasma-circulating Tumoral DNA (LOD : 0,01%) and somatic mutations related to lung, breast, ovarian, colectoral cancers and to melanomas, as well as the mutations that occur less frequently in other types of cancer (such as pancreas, head and neck, thyroid, stomach, and prostate).

    Liquid biopsy is recommended by this diagnostic test by the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO). 

    In France, the University Hospital of Lyon started officially using the liquid biopsy from May 2016, for the early detection of lung cancer.


    The mutant DNA circulating in the plasma is first isolated. Subsequently, the sample is amplified by PCR and then analysed by high-tech sequencing.

    This test analyses the presence of 96 somatic mutations associated with 9 oncogenes involved in several cancers.

    Main advantages of liquid biopsy :

    • 1 Non-invasive and less expensive
    • 2 Non dependent on the original tumor site, the primary and metastatic sites
    • 3 A new tool for cancer early detection
    • 4 A new tool that can be applied for the evaluation of treatment response and the residual disease surveillance
    • 5 Determines the tumor molecular heterogeneity
    • 6 Patient tolerance to serial blood sampling
    • 7 Identifies the development of treatment resistance and determines targeted and personalized therapeutic protocols.

    Our Vision

    In recent years, new medicines have been developed to treat different types of cancer : targeted therapies. By targeting these genetic mutations thanks to new medicines, it is possible to eliminate cancer cells. In order to choose the right targeted therapy, it is still necessary to know the genetic mutation in the cancer cells genome of a patient. For this, there was so far only one way: access to these cancer cells by taking a tissue sample, ie a tissue biopsy requiring surgery.

    Doctors and scientists dreamed of being able to look for genetic mutations, not at the level of a tissue biopsy but simply at a blood level.

    Teams of American researchers have demonstrated through multiple attested clinical researches around the world that it was actually possible to find in the circulating blood, genetic mutations existing in the tumor cells. From a simple blood test, it is therefore possible to determine genetic mutations of tumor cells in order to decide for the most effective therapy. This is what doctors call now “A liquid biopsy”.

    The liquid biopsy is a real progress, PROMAMEC is engaged in its fight against cancer to bring to Morocco through the world leaders in medical research, all medical innovations, which can improve the diagnosis, treatment and quality of life of the patients in Morocco.


    1. Providing doctors and practitioners with highly qualified technology for medical analysis and testing.
    2. Establish a straightforward channel with the leading innovators in this field of activity.
    3. Strengthen Morocco's positioning as a hub of medical excellence.
    Pathway Genomics

    Pathway Genomics is an American laboratory of medical analysis and clinical research, based in California. Since its creation in 2008, it has quickly become one of the world's leading developers of genetic testing, recognized for its ongoing quest for innovation and dedication to medical excellence.

    Pathway Genomics has among its medical team doctors and scientists referents in their field of activity. The latter work in close collaboration with a scientific and ethic counsil gathering experts of international renown.

    The Pathway Genomics laboratory is accredited by the American authorities, in particular :

    CLIA : Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments

    CAP : College of American Pathologists

    Accredited and authorized by the highest governmental authorities of health in all states where it carries on its activities, in particular :  New York, Pensylvania, Florida, Maryland, California, Rhode Island (https://www.pathway.com/licenses-and-accreditation/)

    Our tests are available at our partners in Morocco-Conventioned laboratories of medical analysis:

    The specific tube kits needed for testing are available at our partners and at the medical and scientific office which represents Pathway Genomics in Morocco.

    Our partners


    Pathway Genomics is accredited and authorized by the highest governmental authorities of health in all states where it carries on its activities, in particular : New York, Pensylvania, Florida, Maryland, California, Rhode Island         

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