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  • Polyflux L Dialyzer

    A quality choice for low-flux dialysis

    The Polyflux L dialysis series specializes in low-flux dialysis treatments and is characterized by a distinctive membrane that acts as an effective barrier against potential fluid contaminants while providing high performance. With over 300 million Polyflux dialyzers delivering high-quality treatments worldwide since 1988, this

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    worldwide since 1988, this series is recognized for providing biocompatible and efficient low-flux therapies.

    Key features of Polyflux L

    Promoting biocompatibility

    Polyflux L has been designed with biocompatibility in mind to ensure optimal treatment for patients.

    Distinctive membrane design

    The Polyflux L membrane has a distinctive design that prevents endotoxins from crossing the dialyzer membrane, contributing to the prevention of fluid contamination.

    Steam sterilization

    Polyflux L is steam sterilized from the inside out, preventing exposure to chemicals such as ethylene oxide and manufacturing residues.

    Exclusive three-layer membrane structure

    The exclusive three-layer membrane structure of Polyflux L has been designed to maintain high and stable performance over a long period, ensuring superior quality treatment for patients.

    Polyflux L is a quality choice for low-flux dialysis treatments, offering optimal biocompatibility, high performance, and protection against fluid contaminants.