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  • HemoSphere advanced monitoring platform

    Introduction to HemoSphere Advanced Monitoring Clinical Platform

    The Edwards Lifescience Advanced Monitoring Clinical Platform offers a revolutionary solution for monitoring patient haemodynamics and tissue oximetry. With its predictive decision support capabilities and individualized patient care solutions, it provides a comprehensive view of patient vitals, enablin

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    of patient vitals, enabling clinicians to make informed decisions for proactive and personalized care.

    Advanced Monitoring Features of the Advanced Monitoring Clinical Platform

    The HemoSphere Advanced Monitoring Clinical Platform offers a unique visual experience and advanced features for intelligent decision support and individualized patient care. Its key features include predictive decision support software, intervention input and tracking, intuitive clinical support screens, adaptable module design, advanced connectivity, and portability.

    Individualized Patient Care Solutions with the HemoSphere Advanced Monitoring Clinical Platform

    The Monitoring Clinical Platform provides individualized patient care on a single platform, offering full-range device compatibility for proactive decision support across diverse patient profiles and care settings. It offers a range of noninvasive, minimally-invasive, and catheter solutions to meet the specific needs of each patient, including the Acumen IQ cuff and sensor for hypotension prediction, ClearSight cuff for haemodynamic management, ForeSight tissue oximetry sensor for continuous monitoring, FloTrac sensor for pressure and flow parameters, Swan-Ganz catheter with FastCCO algorithm for cardiac function assessment, and PediaSat oximetry catheter for pediatric patients.

    Proactive Patient Insights for Smart Recovery with the Monitoring Clinical Platform

    The HemoSphere Advanced Monitoring Clinical Platform provides proactive patient insights for smart recovery, enabling clinicians to maintain optimal patient perfusion throughout the continuum of care. It offers valuable insights into cerebral and tissue desaturations, facilitating the reduction of complications such as post-operative cognitive dysfunction and stroke. Additionally, it enables early detection and management of severe sepsis and septic shock, improving survival rates and reducing the economic burden. The platform's continuous haemodynamic monitoring helps in the early detection of hypotension, reducing the risks associated with acute kidney injury and myocardial injury. It also enables proactive monitoring of haemodynamic instability, optimizing patient fluid resuscitation and guiding proper fluid administration. With its advanced parameter capability, the platform equips clinicians with comprehensive data to make proactive decisions and maintain patient safety in a rapidly changing environment.

    By combining cutting-edge technology and advanced monitoring features, the Monitoring Clinical Platform empowers healthcare professionals to provide individualized care, enhance patient outcomes, and improve recovery.