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  • Coloplast Assura® Original 2-piece urostomy bag

    Coloplast Assura® Original 2-piece urostomy bag

    Introducing the Coloplast Assura® Original 2-piece urostomy bag

    The Coloplast Assura® Original 2-piece urostomy bag is designed to provide you with confidence and comfort in managing your urostomy. This two-piece system features a mechanical coupling system that securely attaches the pouch to the barrier. The audible 'click' confirms a locked and leak-free connecti

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    locked and leak-free connection, giving you peace of mind throughout the day. The spiral adhesive ensures secure adherence to your skin, while its skin-friendly properties protect against irritation and moisture-related issues. With the Assura® Original 2-piece urostomy bag, you can experience reliable performance and personalized care.

    Key Features of Assura® Original 2-piece urostomy bag

    Mechanical Coupling with Extra Reassurance

    The pouch is securely attached to the barrier using a mechanical coupling system. The audible 'click' indicates a locked connection, providing you with extra reassurance. The pouch can be rotated to accommodate different body positions without removing it from the barrier. This feature allows for easy handling and adaptability for both left- and right-handed individuals. Additionally, the pouch can be removed separately from the adhesive barrier, facilitating more frequent changes if needed.

    Spiral Adhesive for Security and Skin-Friendliness

    The Assura® spiral adhesive offers a combination of materials in a spiral structure, ensuring secure adherence to your skin. It absorbs moisture, promoting skin-friendliness and protection against irritation. For urostomies with more aggressive output, the Assura® extended wear adhesive provides additional protection, making it suitable for individuals with urostomies.

    Comfortable and Discreet Design

    The Assura® 2-piece urostomy bag prioritizes your comfort and discretion. The soft plastic outlet is easy to handle and ensures there is no residual urine left after emptying. The anti-reflux valve prevents urine from washing over the stoma, reducing the risk of urinary infections. Furthermore, the bag offers different levels of convexity to accommodate various stoma shapes and sizes, ensuring a secure fit even for challenging stomas.