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  • Surgiflo


    SURGIFLO™ Hemostatic Kit with Thrombin provides a matrix for platelet adhesion and aids in fibrin clot formation.

    Up to 8 hours of effective working time once Surgiflo™ Hemostatic Matrix is ​​mixed with sterile saline or thrombin.

    Surgiflo™ Hemostatic Matrix with Thrombin has been shown to be effective in animal models to achieve hemostasis in mild oozi

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    hemostasis in mild oozing, moderately flowing blood, and pulsating and gushing bleeding.

    Surgiflo™ Fluid Hemostatic Matrix with Thrombin Stops Bleeding Before FLOSEAL ® is Ready for Use

    Features and Benefits

    Fills and envelops bleeding sites—to stop bleeding quickly

    SURGIFLO ® stays in place even during active bleeding, so you can rely on it to provide rapid hemostasis where you need it. SURGIFLO ® with Thrombin achieved hemostasis in less than one minute in an animal model.

    Maintains uniform viscosity

    SURGIFLO ® maintains a uniform consistency and viscosity better from start to finish than FLOSEAL , so you can count on a consistent flow as you go.

    Ready in 2 minutes faster than FLOSEAL ®

    SURGIFLO ® is ready more than 2 minutes faster than FLOSEAL, so you can stop bleeding without interrupting your procedure. Thrombin reconstitution takes only 13 seconds for SURGIFLO ® vs 136 seconds for FLOSEAL.

    Stops bleeding before FLOSEAL™ is ready to use

    Surgiflo™ Hemostatic Matrix with Thrombin is faster to prepare than Floseal and requires no measurement.

    Backed by extensive clinical data

    SURGIFLO™ is based on extensive clinical data. A systematic review and meta-analysis of 6 clinical studies involving 39,660 patients evaluated its efficacy and safety for the following endpoints: blood transfusions, minor/major complications, surgical/operative time.

    This consumable is distributed by Promamec Morocco.