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  • Anti-gravity treadmill - Alter-G

    Anti-gravity treadmill - Alter-G

    Anti-gravity treadmill Alter-G : the most accessible anti-gravity mat

    Anti-gravity treadmill Alter-G is the only lightening device, allowing training or rehabilitation with a reduction in body weight while maintaining the normal and mechanical functioning of running or walking.

    Entirely redesigned, the new Anti-gravity treadmill Alter-G offers you greater ea

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    Alter-G offers you greater ease of use. Anti-gravity treadmill Alter-G represents an unprecedented economic opportunity. Its new design allows a greater number of patients to benefit from this unique technology.

    • Thanks to its new magnetic clip system, positioning the patient in the bag is easier and simpler
    • Now open at the rear, the new cockpit allows even simpler and more practical access, adjustment and closing
    • Ultra-precise weight reduction in 1% increments
    • Possibility to lighten up to 80% of body weight
    Gait analysis (optional)

    This system provides video capture of gait associated with spatio-temporal parameters such as gait asymmetry, cadence and pressure. this real-time visual feedback allows the therapists, but also the patient, to apprehend and correct his step. The video associated with the data makes it possible to establish an optimal rehabilitation protocol according to the recorded elements. these objective measurements combined with Anti gravity treadmill Alter G technology, provide the operator and the user with tenfold precision and quality in each session

    This equipment is distributed by Promamec Morocco