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  • Sports medicine - LOKOMAT Pro

    Sports medicine - LOKOMAT Pro

    Sports medicine LOKOMAT Pro - learning to walk again from the start

    The LOKOMAT Pro Sports Medicine is the world's first robotic medical device that enables highly repetitive and as physiologically possible gait training, especially for patients with severe disabilities.

    With the LOKOMAT Pro Sensation Sports Medicine, the therapy plan can be created more

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    plan can be created more individually than ever, truly tailored to the different needs and interests of the patients. Therapists and patients benefit from a more diverse library with more options across different therapy goals to provide continuous, motivating, and engaging intensive gait training.

    Benefits of LokomatPro Sensory Therapy
    1. Efficient gait training: Robot-assisted therapy enables effective and intensive training and ensures the optimal exploitation of neuroplasticity and recovery potential
    2. Most physiological gait possible: the physiological gait pattern is ensured by the individually adjustable exoskeleton combined with the patented dynamic body weight support system
    3. Optimal patient challenge: During rehabilitation, patients should be challenged according to and beyond their individual abilities. Speed, load and robotic support can be adjusted to optimally determine therapy intensity
    4. Increased efficiency: The Lokomat allows therapists to focus on the patient and on the therapy itself. It improves staff efficiency and safety, leading to increased training intensity, number of treatments per therapist and quality of patient care
    5.  Peak gait rehabilitation: Patients are increasingly informed about the most effective and efficient therapy, and they use this information to decide where to go for their rehabilitation.

    This equipment is distributed by Promamec Maroc.