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  • Digital ultrasonic - BK 5000

    Digital ultrasonic - BK 5000

    • General Surgery General Surgery
    • BK Ultrasound

    Main features of the BK 5000 digital ultrasound system:

    - Small footprint, fast boot time and 19-inch large screen

    - A wide range of specialized and sterilizable probes

    - Advanced imaging modes (contrast imaging, elastography, 3D, Vector Flow Imaging)

    - Fast frame rate allowing the system to follow your procedures without latency

    - Extended field of exploration for a better overview

    - Digital integration with the BrainLab neuronavigation system (Bk Medical exclusivity)

    - Digital integration with the Varian interface for dose planning in brachytherapy.

    Application areas :

    - Urology

    - MRI / US image fusion

    - Brachytherapy and cryotherapy

    - General surgery

    - Neurosurgery

    - Vascular

    - Obstetric gynecology

    - Anesthesia

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