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  • Digital ultrasonic - BK 5000

    Digital ultrasonic - BK 5000

    Digital Ultrasound - BK 5000 lets you improve imaging quickly and efficiently. Available in Morocco at Promamec.

    High resolution imaging

    You know what you need, and you need it fast. That's why the bk5000 is designed to deliver the high-resolution images you rely on quickly and efficiently. Whether you are identifying the margins of a lesion or making a gener

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    of a lesion or making a general assessment of an area of ​​interest, the bk5000 has the power and performance to meet your needs on your terms.

    Simplicity in function and design

    Time and space are always precious, no matter what environment you find yourself in. The bk5000 was designed with this in mind. The transducers can be connected and removed with one hand using a simple locking mechanism, which also contributes to the short setup time. Non-contact auto gain means you can focus on the image rather than the equipment. All this in a system with a small footprint that fits virtually anywhere.

    Meeting challenges with advanced technologies

    From the simplest diagnostic imaging to the most critical interventional procedures, each clinical situation has its own set of unique challenges. The bk5000 offers a full suite of innovative technologies and advanced controls and adjustments to help you achieve the best possible image quality in many applications.

    Key features of the BK 5000 digital ultrasound scanner:

    •  Small footprint, fast boot time and large 19-inch screen
    •  A wide range of specialized and sterilizable probes
    •  Advanced imaging modes (contrast imaging, elastography, 3D, Vector Flow Imaging)
    •  Fast frame rate allowing the system to follow your procedures without latency
    •  Extended field of exploration for a better overview
    •  Digital integration with the BrainLab neuronavigation system (Exclusive to Bk Medical)
    •  Digital integration with the Varian interface for brachytherapy dose planning.

    Application areas :

    •  Urology
    •  Fusion of MRI/US images
    •  Brachytherapy and cryotherapy
    •  General surgery
    •  Neurosurgery
    •  Vascular
    •  Obstetric gynecology
    •  Anesthesia