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  • Optima Electrochirurgical Generator - Lamidey

    Optima Electrochirurgical Generator - Lamidey

    Optima Electrochirurgical Generator - Redefining Surgical Precision and Versatility

    The Optima Electrochirurgical Generator is a universal and complete surgical generator that revolutionizes surgical precision and versatility. It combines essential features to meet the diverse needs of surgical procedures. With both conventional monopolar and bipolar powers, surgeons

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    and bipolar powers, surgeons have the flexibility to choose the most suitable energy delivery for different tissue types. The touch screen interface provides easy access to a library of 80 preregistered programs, enhancing workflow efficiency and allowing for quick and convenient parameter selection. The Optima Generator also offers advanced functionalities such as vessel sealing and thermocision powers, enabling precise tissue coagulation and cutting. 

    With its Plasma EDGE readiness, it provides a cutting-edge solution for bipolar plasma resection, ensuring optimal performance in complex surgical cases. Additionally, the generator incorporates ARGON capabilities, allowing for efficient coagulation in electrosurgical procedures. The Endosection capabilities further expand its utility, offering enhanced adaptability for a wide range of surgical interventions. With four high-frequency outputs, including two monopolar and two bipolar, the Optima Electrochirurgical Generator delivers exceptional surgical performance, allowing surgeons to achieve superior precision and efficiency in every procedure.