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  • Dornier Aries® 2 Shock Wave Therapy Device

    Dornier Aries® 2 Shock Wave Therapy Device - The Smart Way to Treat

    The Dornier Aries® 2 is a cutting-edge shock wave therapy device designed to provide effective treatment options with a focus on patient comfort. With its low-intensity shock waves, it stimulates the healing process of problematic tissue, alleviates pain, and supports tissue recovery without invasi

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    recovery without invasive procedures. This natural and drug-free approach makes it a versatile solution for orthopedic, sports medicine, and urological conditions. Powered by innovative proprietary technologies, the Aries® 2 ensures reliable performance while prioritizing the well-being of both users and patients.

    Key Features of Dornier Aries® 2 Shock Wave Therapy Device - Optimal Performance and User Convenience

    The Dornier Aries® 2 is equipped with advanced features that enhance treatment outcomes and streamline workflow:

    EMSE technology for precise treatment

    Dornier's electromagnetic shock wave emitter (EMSE) technology ensures consistent shock wave output throughout the device's lifespan. This technology optimizes treatment efficacy by delivering accurate and reliable shock waves with every shot.

    Reliability and durability

    The Aries® 2 is built with German-engineered quality, providing superb durability with the capability to deliver 2,000,000 shocks. Its reliable performance ensures long-term use and consistent treatment results.

    SmartFocus technology for efficient treatment

    With SmartFocus technology, the Aries® 2 offers an efficient and seamless treatment workflow. The system allows effortless adjustment of shock wave penetration depth and energy levels with a simple touch of a button. Dynamic depth control provides a wide focal zone for surface and deep tissue treatment, eliminating the need for gel pads and optimizing treatment flexibility.

    KoolShield technology for ultimate ease of use

    The Aries® 2 is designed with KoolShield technology, enabling near-zero start-up time and eliminating the need for degassing, water tank set-up, and water refill. Additionally, there is no regular coil (EMSE) replacement required, further simplifying device maintenance and ensuring a hassle-free user experience.

    Experience the smart way to treat with the Dornier Aries® 2 Shock Wave Therapy Device. With its innovative technologies, reliable performance, and user-friendly features, it provides optimal treatment outcomes and enhances the overall patient experience.