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  • Nephrostomy 2-step KIT

    Nephrostomy 2-step KIT

    2-Step NEPHROSTOMY KIT or Superglide PCN 2-Step Puncture Kits for Nephrostomy

    The Superglide PCN 2-Step Puncture Kit comes with a polyurethane catheter

    2-Step NEPHROSTOMY KIT or 2-Step Superglide PCN Puncture Kits for Nephrostomy: Sterile, single-use, catheter with hydrophilic coating and Luer-Lock connector. Not made with natural rubber latex.

    Set compo

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    Set components:
    • 2-part puncture cannula with ultrasound marking at the tip (3 marking rings)
    • Rigid guidewire with flexible J-bend tip in dispenser, with introducer, length 800 mm
    • Metal catheter extender, length 325 mm, with plastic stylet
    • Polyurethane pigtail catheter, radiopaque, approx. Length 30 cm, central opening, hydrophilic coating, 6 drainage eyes, notches to retain the thread on the shaft, with Luer-Lock connector
    • LL-valve
    • Urine collection bag adapter (LL-funnel combination)

    2-step NEPHROSTOMY KITS or Superglide PCN 2-step puncture kits for nephrostomy are reserved for healthcare personnel and are available in Morocco from promamec.