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  • Sting-free Coloplast Brava® Paste 60g

    Introducing Sting-free Brava® Paste 60g

    Sting-free Brava® Paste 60g is a reliable solution designed to maintain a tight fit and reduce leakage by filling folds and creases between the stoma and ostomy barriers. Its alcohol-free formulation ensures a skin-friendly pH-level and eliminates the stinging sensation. This durable paste offers superior performance compared

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    superior performance compared to standard care options, as it is resistant to breaking down or dissolving. With its convenient 60g size, it provides an ample supply for your ostomy care needs.

    Key Features of Sting-free Brava® Paste

    Sting-free Brava® Paste 60g provides a range of key benefits to enhance your ostomy care experience. Its primary function is to fill folds and creases in the skin, promoting a secure fit between the stoma and baseplate, thereby reducing the risk of leakage. The alcohol-free formula is gentle on the skin, making it suitable for individuals with sensitive skin. With its skin-friendly pH-level, it ensures optimal comfort during application. Additionally, the durable nature of Brava® Paste 60g makes it the most long-lasting paste on the market, providing reliable protection throughout the day.