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  • Coloplast Alterna® baseplate (stomy support)

    Coloplast Alterna® Baseplate (Stomy Support) - Secure and Skin-Friendly Stoma Care

    The Coloplast Alterna® baseplate (stomy support) provides a secure and skin-friendly solution for stoma care. With features such as the spiral adhesive, convexity, and extra adhesive, it offers reassurance and protection for individuals with stomas. The mechanical coupling system ens

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    coupling system ensures a safe and audible locking of the pouch to the baseplate. The baseplate allows the pouch to be rotated without detachment, and the pouch can be easily removed and replaced for added convenience. Choose from standard wear and extended wear baseplates, available in flat or convex options, and combine them with drainable, closed, or urostomy pouches to meet your specific needs. Additionally, our range includes special solutions such as night bags, minicaps, and more, providing a comprehensive selection for optimal stoma care.

    Spiral Adhesive, Convexity, and Extra Adhesive for Secure and Personalized Stoma Care

    The Coloplast Alterna® baseplate features a spiral adhesive that combines multiple materials to ensure secure adherence to the skin. Its spiral structure allows for optimal moisture absorption, promoting skin friendliness and protection against irritation. For individuals with more aggressive output, the Assura Extra adhesive offers additional protection specially designed for the management of ileostomies or urostomies.

    To address challenging stomas, Assura 2-piece baseplates are available with two levels of convexity. The Convex Light option provides gentle pressure for flush or slightly retracted stomas, offering extra security. On the other hand, the Convex option applies moderate to high pressure, providing increased support for retracted stomas, deep skin folds, and scars. These convexity options help reduce the risk of leakage by allowing the stoma to protrude.

    For more information on selecting the appropriate convexity option for your needs, consult your stoma care nurse. They can provide personalized advice and support to help you achieve the best possible outcomes in stoma care.