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  • Biopsy Forceps - Cordis

    Introduction to Biopsy Forceps by Cordis

    Biopsy Forceps by Cordis are designed to provide a comprehensive solution for endomyocardial biopsies. With excellent sample quality and reduced risk of tissue trauma, these forceps offer adaptability to a wide range of clinical situations, ensuring accurate and reliable tissue sampling.

    Features and Options of Biopsy F

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    and Options of Biopsy Forceps by Cordis

    Biopsy Forceps by Cordis offer several key features and options for efficient and precise endomyocardial biopsies. The forceps are equipped with two stainless steel symmetrical hinged cutting jaws, allowing myocardial tissues to be cut cleanly for better histological analysis. They provide adaptability to different clinical situations with a choice of two sizes of forceps diameter, enabling the collection of samples tailored to specific needs. The 5.5F forceps can obtain 2.46 mm3 of tissue sample, while the 7F forceps can collect 5.20 mm3 of tissue sample. These forceps can be used with either jugular or femoral access, and they offer great operational flexibility with a 3-pull ring handle that securely holds samples during removal.

    The central ring of the handle rotates to accommodate various hand positions, ensuring comfort and control. For accurate placement, the preformable BIPAL™ version features a PTFE sheath that allows the distal section of the forceps to be curved into the desired shape and easily directed towards the ventricular wall. The rotating jaws of the forceps allow for adjusting the cutting angle, resulting in a cleaner cut. Additionally, the forceps are available in both right and angled configurations to suit different medical practices.