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  • Biopsy Forceps

    Biopsy Forceps

    • Interventional cardiology Interventional cardiology
    • CORDIS

    Cordis biopsy forceps for cardiology:

    - Two symmetrical articulated and sharp stainless steel jaws

    - Myocardial tissue sharply cut for optimized histological analysis

    - Two clamp diameters for samples responding to large clinical situations

    o Sample 2.46 mm of tissue for the forceps in 5.5F

    o Sampling of 5.2 mm of tissue for the forceps in 7F

    - Jugular or femoral access thanks to two lengths of clamps

    - Handle with 3 spring rings to easily retain samples during removal

    - Central handle ring swivels to adjust to any hand position

    - PTEE sheath to bend the distal part of the forceps to the desired shape and to easily direct it towards the ventricular wall

    - Straight or angled configuration

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