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  • Surgical Suture - Prolene

    Surgical Suture - Prolene

    Ethicon Prolene non-absorbable surgical suture is a blue isotactic polypropylene monofilament. It has optimum healing qualities and its practically inert material is particularly recommended when a low tissue reaction to the thread is desired. It offers very good knot hold. It offers good results when used on infected or secondarily contaminated surgical wounds, the risk of

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    surgical wounds, the risk of rejection and the formation of granulomas on the sutures being minimized.

    Ethicon Prolene suture is neither resorbed nor degraded and does not lose its tensile strength under the action of tissue enzymes. It is used in the case of cardiovascular anastomoses and due to the absence of adhesion to the tissues, the Prolene suture is particularly indicated when considering the subsequent removal of the sutures. Available in MULTIPASS round needle (high resistance to bending, double silicone coating). Presented under ZIPPER.

    PROLENE™ sutures are intended for general soft tissue coaptation and/or ligation including cardiovascular surgery, ophthalmology and neurosurgery.

    Inert and flexible, prolene is specially recommended by plastic surgeons for the face and uncovered areas.

    size: 4-0

    Wire type:

    •  Polypropylene.
    •  Non-absorbable synthetic monofilament.
    •  Blue or colorless color.
    •  Sterile for single use.

    Advantages :

    •  Inertia comparable to that of steel: optimal scarring quality.
    •  Excellent intra-tissue glide.
    •  Plasticity: very good knot security.
    •  Very great flexibility.
    •  “Large oval” packaging reducing shape memory.


    •  Cutaneous sutures: ideal for the face.
    •  Plastic surgery.


    •  Intradermal overlocks.
    •  Separate dots.

    This product is available in Morocco at Promamec.