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  • Prima 460 - Penlon

    Prima 460 - Penlon

    • Anesthesia Anesthesia
    • Penlon

    The Prima 460 is the latest update to Penlon's range of anesthesia machines, offering the ideal solution for today's busy operating room. Clinician-focused choices and benefits, including an intuitive 15.6-inch high-definition touchscreen with virtual flow display and up to three waveform and breathing loop displays.

    • 15.6" high definition touch screen
    • Virtual flow meter
    • Seven ventilation modes with PEEP
    • Suitable for adults, pediatric children and neonates
    • HIS Connectivity

    The features and options you need in the prima 460

    • 15.6 inch high definition touch screen with intuitive user interface and virtual flow display
    • Seven ventilation modes with PEEP in all modes
    • Versatile top shelf with secure GCX™ mounting system for patient monitors
    • Electrical outlet options
    • Selectatec compatible rear bar (two stations)
    • Up to three cylinders
    • Illuminated workspace
    • GCX™ compatible aluminum uprights for additional accessory mounting
    • Large capacity standardized drawers
    • Integrated CO₂ absorber and bellows with heater fitted as standard
    • Optional backlit auxiliary common gas outlet
    • Optional oxygen therapy flow meter

    Flow control and visualization

    • The 15.6-inch high-definition touch screen offers a virtual display of flow rate, O₂ concentration and gas mixture.
    • Waveforms and breathing loops
    • Choice of up to 3 waveform and breath loop displays.


    • Oxygen, pressure and flow monitoring with flexible GCX™ mounting for gas and patient monitors.


    • Audible and visual alarms with color coding to highlight alarm levels.
    • Patient Profiles
    • Suitable for adult, pediatric and neonatal patient profiles.
    • Improved patient safety
    • Precise mechanical anti-hypoxic device, total flow display and backup O₂ gas delivery system.
    • Optional auxiliary common gas outlet (ACGO)
    • Illuminated switch and front receptacle provide visual indication of open air circuit.

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