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  • Surgicel - Fibrillar

    Surgicel - Fibrillar

    Johnson & Johnson SURGICEL FIBRILLAR haemostatic dressing for haemostatic control based on regenerated oxidized cellulose COR, with bactericidal action depending on PH, separable into 7 layers, acting for at least 5 minutes

    Features and Benefits

    Faster hemostasis

    Hemostasis 39% faster than original SURGICEL ® hemostasis. Treatment with

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    hemostasis. Treatment with SURGICEL ® FIBRILLAR™ Hemostat reduced the use of adjunct hemostatics, intensive care unit (ICU) costs, transfusion costs, and length of stay (LOS).

    Adherence to versatility

    Conforms to the site for optimal adhesion. Easily separated layers are customizable allowing for precise placement. Light layers and tufts lift off as much or as little as you want.


    This article aimed to identify predictors of neck bleeding after eversion carotid endarterectomy (eCEA).


    A prospectively compiled computerized database of all primary ECEA performed by the same surgeon was analyzed. The endpoint was any bleeding from the neck after the eCEA. SURGICEL® FIBRILLAR™ Absorbable Hemostat has been commonly used at the suture line after the internal carotid artery has been reimplanted into the common carotid artery. The endpoints of the study were any clinical sign of neck bleeding after CEA, whether or not warranting re-exploratory surgery

    This consumable is distributed by Promamec Morocco.