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  • Echography simulator - Blue Phantom

    Echography simulator - Blue Phantom

    CAE Blue Phantom ™

    Blue Phantom is the world leader in the design, development and sale of ultrasound training models. We pride ourselves on the realism and durability of our products. Each Blue Phantom is meticulously engineered to match the anatomy of simulated human anatomy and our materials are rigorously engineered to preserve the imaging characteristics

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    the imaging characteristics of human tissue. This means that you will get the best hands-on training models for procedural ultrasound training.

    Blue Phantom products are ultra-durable. Our self-healing tissue will allow you to repeatedly perform ultrasound guided procedures without worrying about tissue wear or cost per cannulation. Whether you are learning to guide a needle to a targeted vessel or performing the ultrasound guided central catheter insertion procedure, you can expect unparalleled durability from our tissues and vessels. Our ultrasound training manikins are constructed with the ultra-strong fabric patented by Blue Phantom and are extremely realistic. Our self-healing tissue will withstand heavy use and save you money by dramatically reducing the need to purchase replacement parts. Our customers consistently report that they use our products for years without ever replacing the simulated fabric. Although we tell customers that they will be able to use the tissue for more than 1,000 cannulations and complete catheter insertions, most users in practice experience multiples of that number. By comparison, our competitors estimate about 25 uses (if your tolerance for leaky models is very high) of their tissue inserts before they need to be replaced.

    At Blue Phantom, the materials we use in all of our models are formulated to accurately reproduce an imitation similar to that of human tissue. It is not by accident. We are the world leader in ultrasound training models, in part because we have considerable experience in manufacturing acoustically precise fabrics. When you picture our models, you will see the difference. Our models reproduce all images with ultrasound like real tissue - Technically, the speed of sound and the acoustic impedance of silicone (which our competitors use) are not precise, resulting in image processing characteristics extremely bad.

    We guarantee at least 1000 insertions for all our models. We provide a one-year warranty on all of our products, whereas if you use a competitor's product, many replacement parts will have been obsolete in the first year.

    Start learning today with the world's most realistic and durable ultrasound simulation phantoms. Over 140 Blue Phantom ™ models deliver realism and quality over years of practice and training.

    This equipment is distributed by Promamec Morocco.