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  • Obstetric & Gynecologic echography simulator - Vimedix AR Obcyn

    Obstetric & Gynecologic echography simulator - Vimedix AR Obcyn

    CAE VIMEDIXAR Ob / Gyn - Obstetrics and Gynecological Ultrasound Simulation

    Learn the cognitive and psychomotor skills needed for an Ob / Gyn ultrasound with a realistic simulated experience.

    The VIMEDIX Ob / Gyn Ultrasound Simulator accelerates the training of obstetricians and gynecologists as well as ultrasound technicians, allowing users to improve their obst

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    users to improve their obstetric ultrasound skills, especially in fetal ultrasound imaging, 'gestational age assessment and maternal appendix assessment.

    An easy software, icons allowing the display of the desired screens, 2 images; anatomical 3D + ultrasound image, on the anatomical image you can show the name of the organs for young learners ... VIMEDIX allows a range of training adapted to each level

    Also you can work only on an ultrasound image, with the usual setting of ultrasound machines, with the use of the Doppler,

    The name of the pathologies is displayed at the top of the screen, which you hide according to the learning program ....

    A multitude of tools and benchmarks for progressive learning. The VIMEDIXAR platform is composed of a:

    High definition screen

    Central unit with Soft VIMEDIXAR OG / BYN + 50 pathologies minimum


    Manikin support trolley

    • Features of the second trimester (20 weeks) scanning with realistic fetal and maternal anatomy

    • Possibility of adding an endovaginal module to support transvaginal scanning of an 8 week fetus

    • A visual indication is provided to indicate whether the endovaginal probe is causing pain in the patient.

    • Ability to become pregnant, estimate the amount of amniotic fluid and structural abnormalities (birth defects)

    • Users can choose fetal sex in second trimester cases

    • Ability to load pathologies in stealth mode to hide the name of the pathology from learners

    • Augmented reality display includes an interactive 3D anatomical representation animated of organs, structures and abnormalities

    • Real-time, high-resolution ultrasound images that can be viewed simultaneously with 3D anatomical images in split-screen mode

    • Visualization of the surrounding anatomical structures: veins and arteries of the fetus, bladder, mother's bone, mother's intestine, umbilical cord, placenta, uterus and skin

    • Possibility to activate / deactivate the structures from the augmented reality display

    • Ability to change the position of the fetus

    • Target cutaways allow learners to visualize the correct positioning of the probe

    • Methods for assessing competence and for research purposes

    • Metrics, reports, images and captured video can be exported to USB storage device

    • VIMEDIXAR Ob / Gyn simulator available as a module option for VIMEDIXAR Cardio / Abdo Simulator or as a stand-alone platform

    • Adjust the noise level on the ultrasonic view to modify the image quality

    • Ultrasound tools allow learners to take fetal measurements and precise measurements