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  • Articulating Tissue Sealer - ENSEAL® G2

    Articulating Tissue Sealer - ENSEAL® G2

    Coagulation forceps and articulating cutter from Johnson & Johnson for cutting and coagulation by PTC or impedance energy moderating system for open and laparotomy surgery.

    Features and Benefits

    Secure sealing at every turn

    Unparalleled approach to secure sealing. 110° articulation and 360° shaft rotation facilitate a perpendicular approach

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    a perpendicular approach to vessels. Vessels sealed with a perpendicular approach using ENSEAL G2 Hinged Tissue Sealers were found to be 51% stronger than vessels sealed at a 45° angle

    Unprecedented access

    Unrivaled maneuvers for better access. Provides the ability to maneuver around corners and behind structures for better tissue access, especially in deep or tight spaces

    Do more with the ENSEAL G2 Articulating Tissue Sealer

    Versatility in the palm of your hand. Can reduce the number of Ports and Instrument Exchanges needed to access targeted areas.

    This equipment is distributed by Promamec Maroc.