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  • AED 3 BLS - ZOLL

    Simply Professional Like all ZOLL professional defibrillators, the AED 3 BLS is equipped with Real CPR Help and CPR Dashboard™ features to let professional rescuers know, in real time, if they are in compliance with recommendations.

    An AED designed to meet hospital needs

    Real CPR Help® technology measures the true depth and frequency of each compression and

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    of each compression and displays it on the CPR Dashboard™.

    The ZOLL AED 3 BLS displays the patient's ECG, time remaining in the CPR cycle, time since cardiac arrest, and number of shocks delivered on the screen. Wi-Fi connectivity allows rescuers to upload clinical event files for viewing in ZOLL RescueNet® CaseReview software.

    Enhanced Abilities

    • RapidShock® Analysis – RapidShock technology provides the fastest rhythm analysis time in the industry, allowing the ZOLL AED 3 BLS to deliver a shock when needed in just 5 seconds. Reducing pause times ensures optimal CPR, improves its quality and can increase the chances of survival for the patient who suffers from sudden cardiac arrest.
    • Integrated Pediatric Resuscitation – The universal CPR Uni-padz® electrode design provides rescuers with a unique solution for treating SCA victims, adults and children alike. To deliver pediatric resuscitation, use the same set of electrodes and simply activate child mode.
    • Auto Report – This feature allows you to view the availability status of devices on RescueNet DeviceDashboard
    • Long-lasting consumables – Five-year battery life and eight-year device warranty*