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  • X-series Advanced - ZOLL


    Efibrillator/Monitor designed to support EMS heroes, equipped with the world's best monitoring technology and developed to meet the needs of ambulances, helicopters and aircraft.

    Improvements and new technology were developed for real-time clinical assessment: an exclusive feature of ZOLL devices, real-t

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    of ZOLL devices, real-time clinical assessment of the depth and frequency of Real CPR Help® compressions. Real-time clinical assessment of ventilation volume and frequency Real BVM Help™ provides the information needed at the right time to help rescuers effectively treat patients with traumatic brain injury (TBI) TBI Dashboard™

    Real BVM Help — real-time ventilation feedback

    With Real BVM Help technology on X Series Advanced, providers can view target and delivered tidal volume and rate directly on the monitor. This real-time feedback guides users to deliver high-quality manual ventilation in a manner that has never been possible — until now.