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  • AED Plus - ZOLL

    The AED Plus defibrillator sets a benchmark in terms of design, reliability, durability and performance.

    When it comes to helping a sudden cardiac arrest victim, AEDs help rescuers. Unlike some AEDs, ZOLL® devices assist rescuers with integrated, real-time assessment of compression depth and frequency. Recommended by healthcare professionals, the ZOLL AED Plus® Def

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    the ZOLL AED Plus® Defibrillator with Real CPR Help® Technology guides rescuers to perform high-quality CPR and provides integrated audio and visual assessments to assist you throughout the process. intervention.

    Smart technology

    An AED alone does not save a life. It's the rescuers who save lives... with the help of an AED. Real CPR Help guides you in performing high quality CPR. Built-in real-time feedback provides visual and audible instructions that tell rescuers whether they need to “push harder” or perform “good compressions,” guiding them in performing CPR that could save a life .

    The step-by-step audio indications are combined with Real CPR Help technology which incorporates a depth of compression indicator providing a real-time visual guide that helps you deliver the best CPR possible.

    Ready to save lives

    Your AEDs should be ready for use at all times. The AED Plus defibrillator is designed to withstand many environmental conditions and includes an automatic capacity self-test, to guarantee its availability in the event of an emergency. The batteries and electrodes have a five-year shelf life, the longest on the market. This means less replacement and maintenance, and a lower total cost of ownership.

    A trusted partner

    A pioneer in the field of resuscitation and defibrillation for more than 25 years, ZOLL designs products that push the boundaries of technology to give first responders and unexpected heroes the tools they need to save lives.

    Product Features

    • Real CPR Help provides real-time CPR assessment of depth and rate of chest compressions
    • Audible instructions and visual icons complete the European Resuscitation Council's Chain of Survival
    • Easy-to-place, one-piece CPR-D-padz® electrodes with a 5-year shelf life
    • Fully automatic mode available: the unit delivers a shock without action by the rescuer when a shockable heart rhythm is detected
    • Rugged design with an Ingress Protection (IP) rating of 55 for protection against dust and moisture
    • Designed to withstand exceptional environmental conditions such as extreme temperatures, altitudes and vibrations, as well as shock
    • Standard lithium batteries (Duracell 123A) with five-year life
    • Intelligent pediatric functionality: Pedi-padz® pediatric electrodes can be purchased separately for children under 8 years old or weighing less than 25 kilos
    • Automatic self-test to ensure availability status
    • Soft carrying case for easy transport 5 year warranty