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  • ZOLL M2

    ZOLL M2

    All the tools at hand to save more lives

    Proven technology for a better product, ZOLL defibrillators are designed to meet all your resuscitation needs. The ZOLL M2™ is no exception. From patient monitoring to resuscitation with high-quality CPR, the ZOLL M2 monitor/defibrillator is equipped with all of ZOLL's proven core technology to ensure the best possible patie

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    the best possible patient care.

    The ZOLL M2 Monitor/Defibrillator Offers More Support, Scalability, and Trusted Technology

    Get More Support with the ZOLL M2 Monitor/Defibrillator

    The ZOLL M2® professional monitor/defibrillator* helps you deliver high-quality resuscitation care to adult and pediatric patients, with an array of features, including:

    • CPR feedback — helps providers achieve high-quality CPR
    • Cardioversion and pacing — for patients with tachycardia and bradycardia
    • AED mode for adults and pediatric patients — guides rescuers through cardiac resuscitation events with proven algorithms for adults and pediatric patients

    The ZOLL M2 Monitor/Defibrillator Is More Scalable

    From a simple shock box to the most complex patient management challenges, ZOLL M2 offers various options for all patient resuscitation needs, including SpO2, 12-lead ECG, NIBP, EtCO2, impedance pneumography, and temperature.

    ZOLL M2 Has More More Trusted Technology

    Aligning with ZOLL’s platform of resuscitation products, ZOLL M2 also promotes consistent, high-quality CPR and high-current defibrillation using ZOLL technologies, including:

    • Real CPR Help® — ZOLL has long recognized the importance of CPR feedback. Our Real CPR Help technology is used worldwide, helping clinicians deliver high-quality CPR — the cornerstone of successful resuscitation.
    • CPR Dashboard™ — When used with ZOLL’s CPR accessories, ZOLL M2 provides audio and visual feedback that guides rescuers to deliver high-quality CPR.
    • ZOLL Rectilinear Biphasic™ waveform — ZOLL’s unique high-current waveform has been shown to be superior to monophasic waveforms for termination of ventricular and atrial fibrillation.1,2
    • 40 msec pacing waveform — Unique constant-current 40 msec pacing has the highest capture rate at the lowest average current required, ensuring efficacy and patient comfort — validated with over 4,000 patients in more than 16 studies.**
    • Reusable, hands-free soft paddles — ZOLL’s trusted technology replaces external paddles and allows for shock delivery with Real CPR Help included.