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  • Surgical suture Mersutures

    Surgical suture Mersutures

    Johnson & Johnson synthetic braided non-absorbable Mersuture suture threads in polyethylene terephthalate, for orthopaedics, gynecology. They are intended for the coaptation and/or ligation of soft tissues in general, including cardiovascular surgery, ophthalmology, neurosurgery as well as the fixation of soft tissues to bone. No known contraindications.

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    Mersuture Sutures

    • Material: versatile polyester
    • Synthetic non-absorbable polyethylene terephthalate monofilament
    • This is a very high tensile strength yarn. Excellent knot hold.
    • Fil very well tolerated even in the presence of an infectious focus.
    • Used in cardiovascular surgery, ophthalmology and neurology (fixation of drains, drapes, tendon and ligament suture, cervical cerclage, fixation of soft tissues of bone)
    • USP: 5/0
    • Thread decimal: 1
    • Length (cm): 45
    • Needles: 1/4 circle
    • Long. (mm): 8
    • White colour
    • Tip Type: Spat

    Mersuture suture threads are reserved for healthcare personnel and are available in Morocco from promamec.