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  • MCB Electrochirurgical Generator - Lamidey

    MCB Electrochirurgical Generator - Lamidey

    MCB Electrochirurgical Generator: The Bipolar Plug & Play Solution

    The MCB Electrochirurgical Generator is the bipolar Plug & Play solution for advanced surgical procedures. With its Plasma EDGE functionality, it enables the creation of highly ionized plasma for precise coagulation and delicate tissue dissection. The vessel sealing technology provides secured

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    technology provides secured sealing of vessels with an indication signal to confirm completion. 

    In a world premiere, the Thermocision functionality allows for the precise dissection, sealing, and cutting of vessels using a single instrument, offering unmatched efficiency and versatility. With the MCB Electrochirurgical Generator - Lamidey, surgeons have a powerful and versatile tool for precise and efficient surgical interventions.