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  • Surgical simulator - Lap VR

    Surgical simulator - Lap VR

    LapVR ™ Surgical Simulator

    Immerse yourself in simulated laparoscopic training procedures and essential skills tasks. Advanced graphics, haptics, and real patient cases represent in-situ surgical experiences. The LapVR is such an awesome simulator it has earned the Red Dot Award for Product Design, internationally - a recognized seal of quality. With LapVR, surgical

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    With LapVR, surgical students benefit from various levels of training modules that allow them to experience laparoscopic surgery on the job before touching a real patient.


    With the new LapVR simulator, students immerse themselves in the world's most realistic skills development environment.

    The LapVR simulator offers students the opportunity to increase their efficiency on techniques such as basic and advanced sutures, knots and loops as well as the most common laparoscopic surgeries such as gallbladder removal, LapChole, So new modules, Incisional hernia, Bariatric surgery, Gastric Bypass, Urology, Nephrectomy, Colorectal (Thermofusion and automatic sutures, Basic and complex gynecology included, hysterectomy and tubal occlusion)