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  • AeroDR 1717HQ Flat Panel Detector

    AeroDR 1717HQ - Flat Panel Detector for High-Quality Radiography

    The Konica Minolta AeroDR 1717HQ flat panel detector represents a major advancement in digital radiography technology. This detector offers exceptional resolution, a large imaging area, and remarkable lightness, making it an ideal solution for a variety of medical applications.

    Key Features of th

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    Features of the AeroDR 1717HQ Flat Panel Detector

    Continuous Detector Charge

    Thanks to continuous detector charging, healthcare professionals can perform radiography smoothly without interruptions.

    High-Quality Image

    The AeroDR 1717HQ detector offers outstanding image quality, ensuring precise radiographs for reliable diagnosis.

    Shared FPD Solution

    This large-area detector can be used in various medical applications, offering a versatile solution for healthcare facilities.

    Large Imaging Area

    With its ample imaging area, this detector facilitates patient positioning and reduces positioning errors.


    Despite its high performance, this detector remains lightweight, making it easy for healthcare professionals to handle.

    Usable Anywhere

    The portability of this detector allows it to be used in various medical settings, offering unmatched flexibility.

    Durable Battery

    The detector's battery has a lifespan equivalent to that of the panel, ensuring consistent performance.

    CS-7 Multifunction Console

    The CS-7 console provides a user-friendly interface for easy operation of the detector.

    Works with Your Existing Equipment

    The AeroDR 1717HQ is compatible with existing radiography equipment, making it a convenient upgrade.

    2-Second Preview

    With its intelligent GUI screen, this device provides a quick preview in just 2 seconds.

    High DQE, Lower Dose

    The technology in this detector ensures high image quality while reducing radiation dose to patients.

    Energy-Saving and Patient-Safety Technology

    The detector incorporates advanced technologies to ensure energy-efficient operation and optimal patient safety.

    No need to rotate the panel from portrait to landscape and vice versa...

    The increased image area eliminates the need to rotate the detector during thoracic or abdominal radiography, reducing positioning errors.

    Key Highlights

    • AED (Automatic Exposure Detection): Automatic exposure detection simplifies the radiography process.
    • Continuous Charge: The detector features continuous charging capability.
    • Handle: The ergonomic handle facilitates transport and handling.
    • Lightweight: Despite its advanced performance, this detector remains lightweight and user-friendly.
    • Robust: Its robustness ensures exceptional durability.
    • Speed: Providing a quick 2-second preview, it enhances radiography procedure efficiency.
    • Waterproof: The detector is designed to withstand various environmental conditions, including exposure to water.