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  • Laser Imager DryPro 873 - Konica Minolta

    Laser Imager DryPro 873

    Superior Printing Solution

    Konica Minolta is continually advancing the performance of dry laser medical imagers, and the DryPro series epitomizes these efforts. With its compact design, superior image quality, and lightning-fast printing, it offers a cost-effective solution. This imager's design ensures reduced operating noise for a mo

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    operating noise for a more environmentally friendly experience. We've even lowered the high-frequency sound range, making it sound quieter than it actually is.

    Key Features of DryPro 873

    User-Friendly and Quiet Design:

    The DRYPRO 873 emits remarkably low noise, contributing to a pleasant work environment, with less than 53 dB during printing and less than 46 dB in standby mode.

    Total Commitment to User-Friendliness:

    In the DRYPRO 873, the aim is to provide a user-friendly unit with an intuitive user interface and straightforward operation.

    Consistent Print Quality: 

    The DRYPRO 873 features an automatic density control function that prints a fixed-exposure density patch on each film and automatically measures density with a built-in densitometer.

    First Print Time: 

    Approximately 50 seconds.

    Range of Options to Suit Your Needs: 

    Two supply trays are provided as standard for film loading, and an optional third tray can be added.

    Printing Capability in Five Sizes: 

    The DRYPRO 873 comes in a compact body with a height of only 1150 mm and a footprint of only 0.35 m2, offering five film printing sizes (operating with three sizes simultaneously) ranging from 14"x17" to 8"x10".

    Processing Speed: 

    Approximately 180 sheets per hour.

    DICOM 3.0 Support: 

    Supports DICOM PRINT, BASIC GRAY SCALE, DICOM STORAGE (SC), and input for up to 16 channels.

    Key Highlights:

    • Laser Technology
    • Suitable for Mammography
    • Low-Noise Design
    • Fast Throughput
    • Up to 3 Supply Trays
    • Controlled by PrintLink

    The DryPro 873 offers a low-noise design and is ready to print in approximately 50 seconds. This imager can print 10 sheets of 14"x17" film in just 4 minutes, making it an efficient choice for various medical imaging needs.