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  • Digital mammography unit with tomosynthesis

    Digital mammography unit with tomosynthesis

    [Mammography - Radiology] DIGITAL MAMMOGRAPH SELENIA DIMENSIONS 6000/3000
    •  Digital mammography with tomosynthesis designed to improve the visibility of the smallest details for greater diagnostic reliability
    • Cleaner, faster, simpler
    • Optimization of the procedure thanks to fast and efficient examinations and a shorter reading time
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  • More than 200 studies demonstrating its clinical effectiveness
  • the fastest tomosynthesis scan reduces the risk of patient movement and the number of revisions, as well as the compression time
  • Better detection. Clinically superior. Small dose.

    What if we could detect breast cancer earlier? See lesions more clearly? Reduce the number of unnecessary biopsies? Questions like these inspired Hologic researchers and scientists to develop Hologic 3D.

    Mammography technology. With the introduction of Selenia Dimensions, we have launched the first commercially available system that delivers on the extraordinary promise of breast tomosynthesis.

    More than half of US News and World Report's top 20 cancer hospitals offer Hologic 3D mammography technology. More than five million women to date in the United States have already been screened with this life-changing technology, which is now available in 50 states and more than 50 countries.

    Examination Genius™ Digital Mammograph with Selenia Dimensions System Tomosynthesis: Simply better mammography.

    Hologic has always been at the forefront of breast cancer screening and offers the first breast tomosynthesis technology with proven clinical performance superior to 2D mammography. The revolutionary Selenia Dimensions system, which set the standard in mammography screening, offers:

    • Exceptionally sharp images
    • Seamless transition between imaging modes
    • Sophisticated user tools that simplify operation
    • Advanced clinical applications
    • The world's first and only tomosynthesis-guided biopsy
    • Ergonomic design for patient comfort and ease of use

    This equipment is distributed by Promamec Morocco.