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  • X-RAY Table - Aster

    X-RAY Table - Aster

    Direct digital remote control system for Radiology, designed to promote the aspects of lightness, compactness and

    reduction of strikes.

    Each movement has been optimized for ease of use by the operator, but at the same time to ensure comfort and safety for the patient, reducing movement to a minimum.

    The height of the patient table from the floor is only 45

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    from the floor is only 45 cm, the lowest in its category. Access to the plan is facilitated for all patients.

    Main Features :

     Motorized rotation of the X-ray complex +/-

    180 °.

     Focal length up to 180 cm.

     Removable grids.

     Patient coverage of 209 cm.

     Integrated control console.

     Tomography.