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  • NeuViz 16 Classic 16-Slice CT Scanner System

    Exploring the NeuViz 16 Classic CT Scanner

    Step into the world of advanced medical imaging with the NeuViz 16 Classic CT Scanner by Neusoft. Offering superior performance and industry-leading technology, this scanner brings together exceptional scanning capabilities and affordability in one package.

    Key Features of NeuViz 16 Classic CT Scanner

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    16 Classic CT Scanner

    Superior Performance, Leading Industry Technology 

    NeuViz 16 Classic, the latest innovation from Neusoft, is a powerhouse in the realm of medical imaging. It combines powerful scanning capabilities with high-quality, low-dose imaging. With a diverse array of clinical applications, it stands as a serious choice for 16-slice CT scans.

    Key Features!

    NeuViz 16 Classic is the epitome of Neusoft's cutting-edge innovation, boasting powerful scanning capabilities with high-quality, low-dose imaging, all at an affordable price.

    High-Performance 64-Slice CT Technology

    • Efficient detector design of 32 * 0.625mm provides extensive sub-millimeter detector coverage.
    • Minimal detector glare enables more projections per rotation, with an X-ray conversion performance exceeding 99%.
    • Increased detector coverage results in greater anatomical coverage per rotation, reducing scan time and patient dose. This enhancement in image quality is achieved by minimizing motion and pulsatile artifacts.

    A complete range of low-dose solutions ensures minimal radiation without compromising image quality!

    • NeuViz 16 Classic comes configured with a comprehensive dose reduction toolkit. This ensures that the lowest patient doses are achieved without compromising image quality. Furthermore, reduced dosages also extend the tube's lifespan.
    • The advanced ClearView Reconstruction Algorithm, the most sophisticated iterative reconstruction used in 16-slice CT, enables patient dose reduction without compromising diagnostic quality, by performing iterative processing in both projection and image spaces.

    New 64-Slice CT Technology, More Benefits!

    • The high-definition image matrix - 1024 * 1024 enhances the visualization of small anatomical structures.
    • Robust post-processing applications, designed for one-click automated workflows, are remarkably user-friendly and easy to learn.