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  • Bone densiometer HORIZON - Hologic

    Bone densiometer HORIZON - Hologic


    The Horizon DXA system is the latest in densitometry technology, but dual-energy X-ray does more than measure bone density. The Horizon DXA system has features for comprehensive fracture risk assessment and more.

    • Pioneer of X-ray bone density
    • Featuring the latest technological innovations in bone densitometer, i

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    in bone densitometer, including a new set of high resolution digital ceramic sensors as well as a new high frequency X-ray generator,

  • Multidisciplinary HORIZON DXA system for the management of osteoporosis and body composition,
  • Allows visualization of Atypical Femur Fractures (FAF), vertebral fractures (IVA), while giving an accurate assessment of Body Composition including measurement of visceral fat and aortic calcification.
  • Single Energy Femur Examination

    Manage patient concerns about long-term bisphosphonate use with the 15-second single-energy femoral CT scan that visualizes potential atypical incomplete femur fractures.

    Assessment of vertebral fractures

    HD Instant Vertebral Fracture™ Assessment dramatically improves vertebral fracture detection by doubling the resolution of previously available techniques with a low-dose, single-energy image.

    Calcification of the abdominal aorta

    The HD Instant Vertebral Fracture Assessment also allows you to visualize calcified plaque in the abdominal aorta, which can be an important indicator of heart disease and stroke. Exclusive to Hologic, this feature provides vital information that may link coronary heart disease, the leading cause of death in women.

    Advanced Body Composition Assessment®

    Along with the InnerCore™ Visceral Fat Assessment, Advanced Body Composition Assessment is a more comprehensive way to measure body composition compared to other methods on the market. It provides you with body fat percentage, total lean body mass, bone density, limb comparison for muscle imbalance detection, visceral fat and more. We call it the BodyLogic™ analysis

    This equipment is distributed by Promamec Morocco.