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  • Flat Panel Detector : AERODR HD - Konica Minolta

    Flat Panel Detector : AERODR HD - Konica Minolta

    • Radiology Radiology
    • Konica Minolta

    - Lightness: Konica Minolta's AeroDR HD is an ultra-light 35x43 cm flat-panel detector which is therefore very easy to integrate into your daily clinical examinations

    Capacitor The AeroDR HD fully charges in just 30 minutes.

    - Speed: The exam cycle time has been improved to perform more exams and make a diagnosis faster

    - AED: The sensor's hybrid detection technology enables Automatic Exposure Detection (AED) which simplifies the digitization of remote-controlled tables, bone-lung rooms, radiology mobiles and also the sharing of the sensor with several X-ray sources. This new technology allows to reach a pixel of 100 µm

    - Robustness: The AeroDR was already recognized for its resistance to the load (400 kg) which allows its use with all types of patients. Water resistance A specific feature of the AeroDR Hd is its water resistance (IPX6).

    - Grip: Finally, the AeroDR HD improves impact resistance and can benefit from a new anti-slip design in pressed magnesium

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