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  • Flat Panel Detector : AERODR NS - Konica Minolta

    Flat Panel Detector : AERODR NS - Konica Minolta

    • Radiology Radiology
    • Konica Minolta

    Wireless digital detector

    - Allowed digitization of radiography by digital cassette process, automatic detection of RX rays and wireless communication

    - Flat Panel Digital Detector Wifi Mode

    - Single block support with battery

    - The flat panel detector integrates the cesium iodide scintillator (Csl)

    - The detector size 14X17(36 x 43 cm) integrating and adapting without modification in a Potter or in the bucky of a table with ease.

    - The wireless panel weighs 3.6 kg for easier handling either for direct examinations or on the move between table and Potter

    - The pixel size is 150 µm

    - Image preview time is 06sec.

    - Patient weight in max load is 100 Kg

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