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  • Flat Panel Detector : AERODR NS - Konica Minolta

    AeroDR NS - Mobile Flat Panel Detector for Exceptional Radiographic Images

    Konica Minolta's AeroDR NS mobile flat panel detector represents cutting-edge digital radiography technology. With a resolution of 150 microns and a CsI (Cesium Iodide) scintillator, this detector delivers exceptionally sharp images. The ImagePilot acquisition console allows for image capture,

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    allows for image capture, measurements, and features a "Mini PACS" functionality. Equipped with automatic exposure detection (AED) and an internal access point for easy installation, AeroDR NS offers optimal flexibility. AeroStorage enables offline work when needed, with image previews available in just 4 seconds.

    Key Features of the AeroDR NS Mobile Flat Panel Detector

    Excellent Image Quality

    With a CsI scintillator and 150-micron precision, this detector offers outstanding image quality, making it easier to visualize bone structures and reducing pixelation effects even with significant magnification.

    Automatic Exposure Detection

    The AeroDR NS is equipped with automatic exposure detection, simplifying the radiographic process.

    Internal Access Point

    It is possible to use this detector at the patient's bedside thanks to an internal access point.


    This feature allows for offline work when necessary, offering maximum flexibility.

    ImagePilot Acquisition Console

    Included with the detector, this console enables image capture, processing, annotations, measurements, storage, and various output options for comprehensive radiographic image management.

    DICOM 3.0 Compliance

    AeroDR NS complies with DICOM 3.0 standards, ensuring seamless communication with other medical systems.

    Key Benefits

    If you are considering transitioning to digital radiography, Konica Minolta's AeroDR NS is the ideal choice. This next-generation detector, equipped with a CsI scintillator and 150-micron pixel size, is compatible with a variety of fixed and mobile radiography equipment. It delivers exceptional image quality while reducing radiation dose for patients. Paired with the ImagePilot acquisition console, it simplifies patient management, image capture, analysis, and radiographic processing.

    Technical Specifications:

    • Console Software: ImagePilotTM
    • X-ray Detection Method: Indirect, Scintillator: CsI (Cesium Iodide)
    • DQE (Detective Quantum Efficiency): 40% (1lp/mm)
    • Pixel Size: 150 μm
    • Image Area (Valid Image): 2304 x 2800 pixels (345.6 x 420.0 mm)
    • X-ray Linkage: AED: Automatic Exposure Detection (Automatic X-ray Detection without X-ray I/F)
    • Cycle Time: First View: 4 seconds / Cycle Time: 10 seconds
    • Internal Access Point: Available (in combination with a notebook PC-type ImagePilot)
    • Image Storage: Available (up to 200 images)
    • Wireless Specifications: IEEE802.11a/n/ac
    • Durability: Total Surface Load: 150 kg; Point Load: 100 kg @ φ40 mm
    • Water Resistance: Panel: IPX1 including battery
    • Battery: Lithium-ion battery (detachable type)
    • Battery Performance: 212 images or 5.9 hours
    • Standby Battery Duration: 7.6 hours
    • Available Grid: 40 lp/cm
    • Dimensions: 384 mm x 460 mm x 15 mm (Compliant with ISO-4090-2001(JIS-Z4905))
    • Weight: 3.6 kg (including battery)