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  • Scanner NeuWise PET/CT

    Scanner NeuWise PET/CT

    • Radiology Radiology
    • Neusoft

    NeuWise Pro PET/CT Scanner for Medical Imaging. Artificial intelligence. Exploration of the whole body.

    Product Information

    Main parameters

    • LYSO Detector Crystal
    • Time resolution: 440ps Spatial resolution: 1.6mm
    • Portico opening: 72 cm. Number of CT cuts: 64
    • Axial field of view: 224 mm (NeuWise Pro PET/CT)
    • Sensitivity 33cps/KBq (NeuWise Pro PET/CT)

    Free QC from Wise-Source

    • Coincidence time calibration

    Accurate calculation of delay compensation and accurate output of image information

    CQ wise-booking without source

    • Truly achieve source-free, radiation-free, daily QC with intelligent care.
    • It is more flexible to use the reservation function, and the quality control time is only one third of the conventional way.

    Wise-VC Intelligent Panoramic Imaging

    • Linux system equipped digital chip, 2 million pixels, 1080P resolution HD camera
    • Image distortion calibration algorithm, taking into account imaging speed and accuracy
    • Intelligent image capture system, accurately identifies minor changes in patient movement and accuracy of image collection.
    • Wise-VC motion alert, synchronous warning, improve efficiency

    Smart software, optimized experience

    • FreeWise

    The intelligent reconstruction algorithm completely replaces the external breathing equipment, you can breathe freely. Optimized respiratory acquisition process to significantly correct the constructed defect of respiratory motion

    Registration Assistant

    Injection management: For patient registration management, the system can intelligently calculate the injection dose of the tracer. Rest management coordination and rest time management of multiple patients, automatic reminder, reduction of artificial errors. Protocol management remotely select the protocol, easy to operate Equipment monitoring: remotely monitor through mobile terminals to ensure the normal operation of equipment

    • S-MIP

    View MIP images in real time during scanning and know the status of reconstructed images in a shorter time.

    This equipment is distributed by Promamec Morocco.

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