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  • Digitizer Regius CR Sigma 2 - Konica Minolta

    Regius CR Sigma 2 - Ultra-Compact Computed Radiography

    The Konica Minolta Regius CR Sigma 2 represents the pinnacle of ultra-compact computed radiography technology. This state-of-the-art system is designed to provide exceptional image quality and performance in the most compact form factor.

    Key Features of the Regius CR Sigma 2

    Konica Minolta's Smalle

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    Minolta's Smallest and Lightest

    The Regius CR Sigma 2 stands as Konica Minolta's smallest and lightest computed radiography system, making it incredibly versatile and easy to integrate into various healthcare environments.

    Environmentally Friendly

    This system is designed with environmental sustainability in mind. It consumes a mere 100 VA of energy, equivalent to a household light bulb, making it exceptionally energy-efficient compared to traditional film processors.

    High Resolution

    The Regius CR Sigma 2 boasts impressive image resolution, supporting pixel sizes of 87.5 μm and 175 μm for all cassette sizes. This results in a maximum resolution of 4020x4892 pixels (14”x17” at 87.5 μm), ensuring the utmost image clarity for precise diagnostics.

    Integral Processing

    Konica Minolta's Integral Processing is a cutting-edge algorithm that streamlines X-ray image acquisition. This patented technique simplifies the process while consistently delivering high-quality images, minimizing the need for retakes.

    All-in-One Solution

    The ImagePilot software is an all-in-one solution that seamlessly integrates CR image acquisition with PACS functionality. It offers a complete workflow solution for clinics, imaging centers, and small hospitals. Users can effortlessly acquire, review, distribute, and archive patient images from a single, user-friendly GUI.

    Easy Control

    ImagePilot supports a multi-touch display, ensuring effortless operation. With over 100 functions and features at your fingertips, it simplifies the entire radiography process.

    Powerful Performance

    Despite its compact size, the powerful Regius CR Sigma 2 boasts a high throughput of up to 60 plates per hour (maximum). This ensures a smooth and efficient workflow, even in high-demand healthcare settings.

    Compact and Economical

    The Regius CR Sigma 2 delivers a compact and cost-effective imaging solution without compromising image quality or reliability. It maintains the superior standards expected from the REGIUS family of products.

    Fast Throughout

    This system supports fast throughput, ensuring that healthcare professionals can quickly and efficiently perform radiography procedures.

    In summary, the Regius CR Sigma 2 from Konica Minolta combines ultra-compact design, environmental consciousness, high resolution, and powerful performance into a single, versatile computed radiography system. It simplifies the radiography process while delivering superior image quality, making it an invaluable asset for healthcare providers.