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    Unified MILLENSYS E-Health Platform

    MILLENSYS is a comprehensive electronic eHealth solution operating in the healthcare and business IT sectors, providing cutting-edge software solutions for the healthcare industry. MILLENSYS includes PACS, PMS, EMR, RIS, Reports, Integration, and CRM. It serves as a unified management platform for hospitals, healthcare providers, a

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    healthcare providers, and national health services, covering everything from workflow and outpatient care to inpatient services, reporting, billing, claims, pharmacy management, laboratory operations, radiology, enterprise imaging, inventory, finances, and much more.

    Comprehensive Solutions:

    Unified E-Health:

    Achieve operational excellence in the healthcare enterprise with our unified management platform.

    Hospital Management:

    Enhance productivity and profitability of the healthcare organization with MILLENSYS Hospital Information System (HIS) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

    Polyclinic Management:

    Efficiently manage the entire polyclinic, including a scalable web-based Electronic Medical Record (EMR) solution and financial ERP.

    Enterprise Imaging:

    Archive, view, and share images and documents across the enterprise with MILLENSYS Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA).

    Radiology Management:

    Achieve operational excellence in radiology with MILLENSYS unified RIS and PACS solution, complemented by a comprehensive ERP system.

    Lab Management:

    Streamline laboratory operations and enhance profitability with MILLENSYS Laboratory Information System (LIS), instrument automation, and a financial ERP.


    Achieve operational excellence in cardiology with MILLENSYS unified EMR and VNA solution, supported by a financial ERP.


    Manage endoscopy image acquisition and reporting, along with a complete EMR and ERP application for gastroenterology services.

    Women Imaging:

    Utilize a unified EMR/RIS and Mammography PACS solution to manage women's imaging services, complemented by an ERP.


    Implement an EMR solution for dermatology or clinical departments, complete with a financial ERP.

    Dental Imaging:

    Effectively manage dental services with Dental PACS and EMR solutions, along with a comprehensive financial ERP solution.

    Oncology Imaging:

    For oncology departments, we offer a unified solution combining EMR, RIS, PET/CT, nuclear medicine PACS, and a financial ERP system.


    Employ a unified EMR solution for telemedicine and home care applications, backed by a comprehensive ERP solution.

    Mobile Health:

    Enhance patient engagement with our mobile application designed for patients, physicians, and management teams.

    Financial Management:

    Boost financial management capabilities with our powerful ERP and Human Resources solutions.

    Value for All Stakeholders


    • Maximize the quality of healthcare services.
    • Increase satisfaction and loyalty.
    • Secure patient data without duplication.
    • Facilitate interaction with service providers.
    • Enable rural residents to access expert diagnoses and treatments remotely.


    • Increase productivity.
    • Improve diagnostic and treatment accuracy.
    • Access patient data anytime, anywhere.
    • Enhance patient engagement.
    • Simplify remote sharing and consultation.


    • Boost productivity and efficiency.
    • Reduce reception waiting queues.
    • Simplify shift opening and closing.
    • Facilitate access to patient records for coordinated, efficient care.


    • Enhance productivity.
    • Maximize the quality of care.
    • Ensure medication and patient care.
    • Provide quick access to patient records for coordinated, efficient care.


    • Increase profitability and ROI.
    • Enhance operational efficiency.
    • Improve decision-making and forecasting.
    • Gain a competitive advantage for the organization.


    • Increase profitability and ROI.
    • Consolidate financial calculations for multiple sites.
    • Manage income statements, cash flow, and balance sheets.


    • Access accurate financial data on claims.
    • Automate claims request processing and approval workflows.