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  • Digital Mobile X-ray System - AeroDR TX

    AeroDR TX, the World’s First Mobile X-ray System with Wireless Dynamic Imaging

    Explore the innovative features and functionalities of AeroDR TX, the digital mobile X-ray system designed to revolutionize diagnostic imaging in healthcare settings. From its wireless dynamic imaging capabilities to its compact and ergonomic design, AeroDR TX offers unparallele

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    AeroDR TX offers unparalleled flexibility and efficiency in X-ray imaging.

    Key Features of AeroDR TX Digital Mobile X-ray System

    The AeroDR TX digital X-ray system is engineered to provide hospital personnel with the flexibility to perform digital diagnoses wherever needed, from patient rooms to operating and emergency rooms.

    Touch-sensitive Handle

    Simply touching the handle unlocks the device for easy movements. Automatic speed limitation ensures safer use, and the handle's height is adjustable for user comfort.

    Fine Positioning Movements

    The motion control switch allows independent movement of each wheel, supporting precise positioning.

    Four-step Telescopic Arm

    The arm can be extended up to 1,220 mm, and the column can rotate up to 317°, providing extensive coverage for X-ray imaging.

    Second Screen on Head-Assembly

    A touch-panel second screen facilitates efficient workflow by enabling exposure condition adjustments. It also measures and displays the distance between the X-ray tube and subject.

    Compact Design

    With a width of 540 mm, AeroDR TX is easily maneuverable and can be transported to various locations within the healthcare facility.

    Large 19-inch Screen

    The touch-panel screen offers clear visibility of acquired images and features a battery level display and keyless entry using a numeric keypad.

    Detector Charging Function

    Cabinets hold up to three detectors, providing automatic power supply by simply loading them. The arm serves as a locking mechanism in the parking position to prevent theft.

    Anti-Collision Sensor

    Optional anti-collision sensors enhance safety during operation.

    AeroDR TX combines advanced technology with user-friendly features to streamline diagnostic processes and improve patient care in healthcare environments.