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  • DRYPRO SIGMAⅡ Dry Laser Imager - Konica Minolta

    DRYPRO SIGMAⅡ Dry Laser Imager

    High-Quality Imaging for Hospitals

    The DRYPRO SIGMAⅡ Dry Laser Imager by Konica Minolta sets the standard for high-quality imaging in hospital environments. This mid-range desktop model features two standard trays, making it a versatile solution for a wide range of printing needs.

    Key Features of the DRYPRO SIGMAⅡ

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    of the DRYPRO SIGMAⅡ

    High-Quality Imaging

    This silver-halide type dry laser imager produces exceptional image quality with a pixel pitch of 50μm. Whether you're printing general X-rays or modality images, expect sharp and precise results.

    Fast and Efficient

    The DRYPRO SIGMAⅡ is designed for speed. It boasts a first printing time of just 100 seconds and can produce 70 sheets per hour for 14"×17" films and 110 sheets per hour for 8"×10" films. This mid-range powerhouse can handle general radiography and modality image printing effortlessly.

    Versatile Tray Options

    Equipped with two standard film supply trays, this imager supports four film sizes: 14"×17", 11"×14", 10"×12", and 8"×10". You have the flexibility to use any combination of these sizes to meet your specific printing requirements.

    Space-Saving Design

    Hospitals often face space constraints. The DRYPRO SIGMAⅡ addresses this with a compact footprint of just 0.41m². With a height of 666 mm, it's designed to fit seamlessly into your workspace, even when space is limited.


    We've prioritized user-friendliness. Cartridge film replacement is hassle-free, and the control display provides clear and easily understandable status updates. This imager is designed to simplify your workflow.

    The DRYPRO SIGMAⅡ Dry Laser Imager combines precision, efficiency, and versatility to meet the demanding imaging needs of hospitals. With high-quality results and user-friendly features, it's a reliable addition to any healthcare facility.