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  • Analyzer HbA1c - KH 101 - Caretium

    Analyzer HbA1c - KH 101 - Caretium

    The KH-101 Glycosylated Hemoglobin (HbA1c) Analyzer is intended to measure HbA1c in human whole blood samples, reflecting the degree of binding of hemoglobin to glucose. A range of functions such as automatic sampling, hemolysis, incubation, injection, separation, detection, calculation, printing and display of output and data storage are integrated in the automatic analysis

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    in the automatic analysis system.


    Testing system : Stable glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1c)

    Detection principle : Reverse cation exchange chromatography

    Detection wavelength : 415nm

    Detection speed : ≤ 4 minutes / sample (full test cycle)

    Data storage  : 1000 result samples

    Resolution : 0.1%

    Automatic sample loading and hemolysis : the sample does not need to be pre-treated

    New technology micro-column : HPLC separation allows rapid detection of stable HbA1 with reduced reagent consumption.

    Gradient elution technique : gradual gradient elution for complete separation of HbA1c, HbA1ab and HbA0.

    Fully enclosed reagent module : all-in-one reagents and waste for improved safety and ease of use

    Accurate and precise : minimize variant interference using the advanced integration program

    Simple and Convenient to Use : Large high-brightness color LCD display, advanced touch screen control interface, user-friendly icon-based navigation.