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  • AUTOLUMO A1860  -  Autobio Diagnostics

    AUTOLUMO A1860 - Autobio Diagnostics

    AutoLumo A1860 is the new generation of Autobio AutoLumo series with compact structure and innovative design, providing simpler, smarter and better user experience for small and medium-sized labs.

    Smarter, versatile and strong, brings more accurate results

    Lower Carryover

    Surrounding vacuum wash station provides low carryover, especi

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    low carryover, especially beneficial for infectious disease items

    Lower failure rate

    Integrated RIDE module combining reading, injection, rejection and elution.

    Lower background

    Two-way swimming magnetic separation, decrease non-specific absorption.

    Superior precision

    Innovative vibration blend. Fully blended in 1.8 sec.