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  • F810

    The F810 Auto Hematology Analyzer uses fluorescence staining and flow cytometry detection technology to ensure accurate results and can be configured with CBRN detection for all models. It has a throughput of up to 100 samples per hour and allows detection of reticulocytes, fluorescent platelets, low platelets (optical method), low value leukocytes and screening of

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    leukocytes and screening of abnormal leukocytes.

    Minimum specifications required

    • Compact, fully automatic hematology machine capable of diagnosing 36 or more parameters, on whole blood and biological fluids with an open or closed system.
    • Automate allows you to carry out re-analyses of tests and reflex tests
    • Operating principle: Flow cytometry, impedance measurement, etc.
    • Continuously refillable automatic sample changer: possibility of adding one or more tubes to the series at any time

    Setting :

    • Leukocytes: WBC,NEUT (#,%),LYMPH (#,%),MONO (#,%),EO (#,%),BASO (#,%),IG (#,%)

    • Erythrocytes: RBC,HGB,HCT,MCV,MCH,MCHC,RDW-SD,RDW-CV,NRBC (#,%) Platelets: PLT,PDW,MPV,P-LCR,P-LCC,PCT Reticulocytes: RET ( #,%),IRF,LFR,MFR,HFR,RET-It

    • Ability to analyze closed and open tubes, with automatic drilling of closed tubes


    • up to 100 T/H (CBC+DIFF)

    • Up to 83 T/H (CBC+RET)

    • Up to 83 T/H (CBC+DIFF+RET)

    • With continuous loading

    • Treatment of emergencies (at any time without interruption of routine)
    • Sample volume: less than or equal to 40ul allowing the processing of samples from infants and other difficult to collect patients. (20µl)
    • Emergency management mode, reagents, QC, calibrations and Threshold alarms and abnormal results, Monitoring of operating status
    • 500 GB hard drive allows storage of up to 10,000 results including numerical and graphical values
    • External PC with user interface via high resolution color touch screen
    • Identification of samples by bar code and internal or external IT, edition of results according to reference intervals according to age and sex + external screen
    • Possibility of selection of protocol modes for each tube individually
    • Audible and/or visual alarm devices in the event of a malfunction or lack of reagents
    • Single quality control blood for all parameters
    • Automatic rinsing of the suction needle
    • Possibility of remote maintenance and remote monitoring
    • Bidirectional interface and French language