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  • AUTOLUMO 2000 PLUS - Autobio Diagnostics

    AUTOLUMO 2000 PLUS - Autobio Diagnostics

    AutoLumo A2000 Plus is a fully automated chemiluminescence Immunoassay analyzer based on CLIA Microparticles platform, which is designed for both quantitative and qualitative detection of biomarkers related to various diseases and dysfunctions.

    A complete variety of test menu

    • More than 90 kinds of Assays
    • Covering infectious diseas

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    infectious diseases, tumors, Hepato Fibrosis, thyroid, Endocrine Hormone,Cardiac Markers,inflammation,respiratory pathogens, Diabetes, hypertension, TORCH, tuberculosis, Pre-natal, growth hormone, bone metabolism, anemia and other series.

    Fast, high throughput detection

    • Up to 100 samples loading capacity per batch
    • Up to 200 tests per hour
    • First test results in about 20 minutes

    Reduce cost, increase efficiency

    • Reduce the cost without one-time TIPs consumption
    • Reduce labor time by arranging reaction vessel automatically
    • On-the-fly change of reagent available
    • Dual substrate supply, switched automatically
    • Reagents and consumables are continuously loaded without stopping

    Stable and accurate test results

    • Excellent sampling accuracy, reduce sampling variation
    • Innovative magnetic separation cleaning technology, lower background
    • Non-contact mixing module to reduce carryover (carry-over<1 PPM)

    Powerful software management of info/result/consumble

    • All Consumables and waste shown as counts in software
    • Estimate the test time, easily grasp the result report time
    • Various data processing and convenient visual management design