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  • MALDI-TOF MS System for Microbiology Identification

    Cutting-edge MALDI-TOF MS System for rapid and accurate microbiology identification across various fields.

    Discover the innovative MALDI-TOF MS System designed by Autobio for microbiology identification. This state-of-the-art system boasts a comprehensive database with over 16,000 strains, enabling rapid and accurate identification across clinical, veterinary, scient

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    clinical, veterinary, scientific research, and industrial applications.

    Features of the MALDI-TOF MS System


    Extensive Database

    With more than 16,000 strains covering over 5000 species and 1000 genera, including a unique collection of marine microorganisms exceeding 1000 species.

    Filamentous Fungi Database

    Contains over 1000 strains covering 450+ species and 70+ genera, providing comprehensive identification capabilities.

    Quality Control Strains

    Various databases include quality control strains from clinical, food and drug, disease control, and other fields, ensuring accuracy and reliability.

    Localized and Updatable Database

    The microbial strain database is localized and updatable, offering high identification accuracy and adaptability to evolving microbiological needs.


    High-Power Turbine-Molecular Pump

    Enables simultaneous testing once the slide is loaded, enhancing efficiency.

    Innovative Optical Shaping System

    Improves the quality of the spectrum, ensuring precise identification results.

    Vacuum Multivariate Identification Control Algorithm

    Prolongs the life of the molecular pump and reduces waiting time for target entry, optimizing workflow.

    Fast Signal Detection System

    Unique design guarantees identification results within 0.1 seconds, enhancing productivity.

    Ultra-Low Noise Ion Detectors

    Achieve extremely low spectral baselines, enhancing sensitivity and accuracy.

    Solid-State Lasers

    Durable lasers can be used billions of times, ensuring long-term reliability.

    Separated Metal Target Plate

    Reduces the risk of pollution, maintaining sample integrity and system cleanliness.