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  • Digital ultrasound machine - BK 3000

    Digital ultrasound machine - BK 3000

    The bk3000 delivers a new level of speed and performance superb Imaging, Enhanced Visualization Ultrasound images inform important decisions. So the better you can see, the more confident you can be in your treatment decisions. That’s why the bk3000 is designed to deliver superb images with high spatial, temporal and contrast resolution, allowing you to quickly id

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    allowing you to quickly identify lesions and perform targeted biopsies.

    Main features of the BK 3000 digital ultrasound system:

    • Small footprint, fast boot time and 19-inch large screen
    • A wide range of specialized and sterilizable probes
    • Advanced imaging modes (contrast imaging, elastography, 3D, Vector Flow Imaging)
    • Fast frame rate allowing the system to follow your procedures without latency
    • Extended field of exploration for a better overview
    • Digital integration with the Varian interface for dose planning in brachytherapy.

    Application areas :

    • Urology
    • MRI / US image fusion
    • Brachytherapy and cryotherapy
    • Vascular
    • Obstetric gynecology
    • Anesthesia

    This equipment is distributed by Promamec Morocco