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  • Dornier Medilas® H 140 - Holmium Laser

    Dornier Medilas® H 140 - Unleashing the Power of Versatility

    The Dornier Medilas® H 140 is a revolutionary holmium laser that sets new standards in power, versatility, and speed. Designed to meet the diverse needs of urological procedures, it offers high treatment versatility as an all-in-one solution for lithotripsy and HoLEP (Holmium Laser Enucleation of the Pros

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    Laser Enucleation of the Prostate). With its exceptional power of 140W and pulse energy of up to 6J, it enables ultra-fast dusting of stones and precise treatment of prostates of any size. The integrated morcellator enhances procedural efficiency and lowers overall costs, eliminating the need for separate machines. Experience the unmatched power and versatility of the Dornier Medilas® H 140 for optimal urological outcomes.

    Key Features of Dornier Medilas® H 140 - Power, Efficiency, and Safety

    The Dornier Medilas® H 140 is packed with advanced features that deliver exceptional performance and efficiency:

    High power

    With a high-power laser, the H 140 offers faster procedures and customizable treatment options. Its superior power enables safer and more efficient HoLEP procedures, minimizing tissue damage, bleeding, and postoperative complications.

    All-in-one device

    The H 140 eliminates the need to purchase separate machines for high-power laser lithotripsy and morcellation. This comprehensive solution reduces overall costs and streamlines workflow, providing convenience and cost-effectiveness.

    Oscillating morcellator

    The integrated oscillating morcellator enhances safety and efficiency compared to reciprocating knives. It ensures faster and safer morcellation, reducing the "rolling ball" effect and eliminating the need for frequent container swaps during the procedure.

    Enhanced HoLEP procedures

    The H 140's high-power laser enables cleaner enucleation without excessive reliance on the resectoscope. This results in safer procedures with reduced tissue damage, bleeding, and incontinence. The increased power also leads to shorter operating times, minimizing anesthesia duration and optimizing patient comfort.

    Faster stone dusting

    With the highest frequency in the market, the H 140 allows for shorter lithotripsy procedures. Its rapid stone dusting capabilities save valuable time and enhance overall procedural efficiency.

    Built-in morcellator benefits

    The H 140's oscillating morcellator offers faster and safer tissue morcellation, achieving an excellent morcellation rate. It reduces the "rolling ball" effect encountered with hard adenomatous nodules, minimizing additional operating room time. The integrated drainage system eliminates the need for container swaps, simplifying the disposal of irrigation fluid.

    Experience the power, efficiency, and safety of the Dornier Medilas® H 140. With its advanced features, unmatched power, and integrated morcellator, it redefines the possibilities of urological procedures, ensuring optimal treatment outcomes and patient satisfaction.