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  • Dornier Delta® III Pro - Shock Wave Lithotripsy System

    Dornier Delta® III Pro - Revolutionizing Shock Wave Lithotripsy

    The Dornier Delta® III Pro is a state-of-the-art shock wave lithotripsy system that sets new standards in stone treatment. With its exceptional system efficiency, advanced imaging technology, smart connectivity features, and ergonomic design, it transforms the lithotripsy experience for healthcare prof

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    for healthcare professionals and patients. It is a comprehensive solution designed to deliver optimized treatment outcomes with precision, clarity, and efficiency.

    Key Features of Dornier Delta® III Pro - Efficiency, Clarity, Connectivity, and Ergonomics

    The Dornier Delta® III Pro is equipped with advanced features that enhance every aspect of shock wave lithotripsy:

    Efficiency for optimized treatment outcomes

    • EMSE 180 technology: Utilizing the most clinically proven shock wave technology, it offers a penetration depth of 170 mm, making it suitable for a wide range of patients, including obese patients. The large coupling area ensures gentle shock wave treatment.
    • OptiCouple® technology: With improved energy transmission, it achieves a stone-free rate of 94.5% and shorter treatment durations. It optimizes energy for effective stone treatment.
    • Flexible therapy head: Providing optimal isocentric angulation in both under- and over-table positioning, it allows for smooth alignment and easy targeting of stones in all locations. Its 120+ degrees of access and 220 degrees motorized axial rotation ensure efficient treatment.

    Advanced imaging for greater clarity

    • Flat panel detector (FPD) technology: Offering clear and sharp images with minimal degradation over time, it provides a 20% greater field of view compared to traditional Image Intensifiers.
    • Ultrasound-guided ESWL: Eliminating radiation exposure for patients and users, it combines isocentric ultrasound imaging with flexibility and imaging quality.
    • Dual imaging option: Providing comprehensive imaging capabilities, it allows for stone localization using X-ray or ultrasound imaging, or both simultaneously.
    • OptiVision® technology: Enhancing stone imaging details, even in challenging clinical scenarios, it now applies to the Last Image Hold feature in fluoroscopy.

    Ergonomic design for efficient workflow

    • OptiMove (with Relax+ Endo table): Offering quick and precise table movements, it improves accuracy and ensures no stone is missed. The versatile and radiolucent patient table is specially engineered for shock wave lithotripsy and endourology.
    • Unified hand control: Allowing seamless operation of the lithotripter, table, and X-ray C-arm movements, it simplifies procedures and releases shock waves with a touch of a button.

    Designed to suit your specific needs

    • Remote control version: For remote operation and increased convenience.
    • Mobile version: Provides mobility and flexibility for use in different healthcare settings.
    • Experience the revolutionary capabilities of the Dornier Delta® III Pro, the advanced shock wave lithotripsy system that delivers efficiency, clarity, connectivity, and ergonomic excellence.